Today we talk about a subject may be a little difficult to understand and that would seem out of place in a blog that talks about free software but in the end you will see that you will find this article useful, as it will show you a very useful free software, a real program for brainstorming.

But we give a precise definition of the word. What's brainstorming ? When we seek solutions to a problem that haunts us, very often we do not have a clear idea of how and where these solutions can emerge and that is why we are meeting brainstorming, a technique very creative, to ensure that they are out ideas for solving problems or obstacles that we face. Even seemingly impossible and unusable ideas can come out with this technique, ideas that are taken under consideration and then decide whether they are real or not.

The concept of brainstorming, the definition and literal meaning is "brain storm", is associated with that of Mind Mapping, a technique to capture, store and take notes in the form of patterns that our minds can learn more easily. Mind maps are a very powerful tool for effective memorization of concepts, ideas and entire volumes of data.

Brainstorming and the concept of "problem solving" go hand in hand. How many times have you ever read a job application, including the requirements of "good problem solving skills" ? Brainstorming to school, primary school, for example, would improve the lot of our boys and mnemonic skills would help them to find solutions, unimaginable with ordinary techniques.
XMIND is an online service, a  brainstorming program for creating mental maps. It  was made available on the website, a freeware version that makes it easy to find and develop solutions to problems and to build efficacious mental maps.

Well, you understood what is the brainstorming and mind mapping, you just have to try this online brainstorming software that I recommend to use at school, especially in primary schools, to ensure that kids learn by themselves and easier to solve different problems through sketches, ideas and useful tecniques to do so. Here's a video to understand how it works:
The brainstorming program XMIND, of which there are a paid version and a freeware, you can download it HERE.

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