Do you want to create wonderful collages to send at your friends or post on FACEBOOK wall ? It simple and fun to make a collage on PHOTOVISI.COM website. It's a online service where you can upload personal images and photo to realize beautiful photomontages and collages using many templates available on it. To create a collage using  professional programs such us ADOBE PHOTOSHOP can be very difficult if we are not experts but on PHOTOVISI website, in a few clicks, we will realize incredible collages.

Here i list some functions that you'll find on PHOTOVISI.COM :
  1. Online service free to use with no registration.
  2. GUI easy to use.
  3. Upload photos very fast.
  4. There are many custom templates for your collage.
  5. Some functions as crop and delete photos.
  6. Possibility to save collage on hard disk or send it at your friends by e-mail.
If you upload a very good image with high resolution, you can use collage as a wallpaper for your desktop. What aspects. Go to PHOTOVISI.COM and create your beautiful collage. You can choose between many beautiful templates and realize different collages. I remember you that you can crop photos, reduce its dimensions and also delete them if the result is not good.

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