RockYou FXText
I discovered ROCKYOU site not long ago and I must say that its functions are really excellent. On you can make glitter text and apply animations to images. ROCKYOU GLITTER TEXT works like this :

You go to the website and choose whether to create or apply glitter text to photos or images you upload from your hard disk or from FACEBOOK. You can also enter the correct URL where is the photo. Effects applied to text are incredible and you can also :
  1. Choose the font for the character.
  2. Choose the text color.
  3. Choose the background to apply.
  4. Put a nice shade.
  5. Apply animation effects.
Here's another text created by me on ROCKYOU.COM :

RockYou FXText
But at ROCKYOU.COM, as mentioned, you can not only create but also to apply glitter text to photos and images. All photos can be shared on FACEBOOK or MYSPACE. You can also save the code to your site or blog (in flash mode). Here's an effect applied to a photo of HANNAH MONTANA :

But ROCKYOU.COM is much more. You can also create stunning slideshows with your photos and do more. I invite you to visit certain web pages :
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