Today i write a short review about a remote control software : TEAMVIEWER. It's a very good program to control many PC entering in them to perform various operations. If we have a LAN network, for example, we can control, from an only computer, all compters in network. One of best software to do this is TEAMVIEWER. At TEAMVIEWER.COM you will can download a free version to understand how it work. If we have a friend with some problems on PC, we can install TEAMVIEWER tool on friend and our PC to control computer with problems. With a simple connection so we enter in friend PC and solve problems.

Here is some features of TEAMVIEWER software that have a free complete version :
  1. Quick and easy installation.
  2. Sharing user desktop very fast.
  3. Transfer data between PC with compressed files.
  4. User list clients.
  5. Without administrative rights.
  6. Transmission files and folders with encryption algorithms AES 256 bits.
  7. Circumventing routers and firewalls to enter in the PC to monitor.
  8. It works even for very large LANs.
  9. Runs on Windows and Linux systems.
  10. Updated for Windows 7.
TEAM VIEWER is certainly the most downloaded and used remote access program. Its simplicity of use and being able to effectively control several PCs simultaneously and also be used in large corporate LAN, making it very well done. In addition, its site , is a "godsend" to understand its operations. Its strength is also in the type of encryption used to compress and "hide" the network, while sending the data via 256-bit algorithms (AES). Most routers and firewalls are bypassed through a partnership with major manufacturers of these devices.

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