Who owns the Windows 7 operating system has realized that applications for it are not yet widely available. Various software are updated to be compatible with this 32 bits and 64 bits O.S. WINDSTY software house has developed over the years, for all Windows operating systems, tools adapted to perform numerous functions such as registry cleaner, defragmentation, junk files cleaner, etc ... The ultimate software for WINDOWS 7 is TUNE UP SUITE. TUNE UP SUITE has these main features :
  1. Quick and easy installation.
  2. Graphic menu very well made and easy to navigate.
  3. Elimination of system crashes, lockups, slowdowns.
  4. Repair registry problems.
  5. Easy download and installation.
  6. Online support and free services.
The package you can download is a trial version some functions are blocked. TUNE UP SUITE includes a range of applications in it. The list is :

THE BEST FREE SOFTWARE FOR WINDOWS 7 : REGISTRY CLEANERREGISTRY CLEANER : this first application improves the registry, freeing it from obsolete keys, strings created by viruses. The problems found are repaired.

THE BEST FREE SOFTWARE FOR WINDOWS 7 : REGISTRY DEFRAGMENTERREGISTRY DEFRAGMENTER : defragment PC, you know, is something you do every so often, especially after several install and uninstall. TUNE UP SUITE presents inside a very good application to effectively defragment the hard drive. Also it solves some problems of the registry, re-creating it.

THE BEST FREE SOFTWARE FOR WINDOWS 7 : JUNK FILES CLEANERJUNK FILES CLEANER : junk files are files that take up unnecessary space in the HDD. This application removes them effectively.
    THE BEST FREE SOFTWARE FOR WINDOWS 7 : DUPLICATE FILES FINDERDUPLICATE FILES FINDER : Very often we create or store on our hard disk, copies of the same files. This program searches all duplicate files and remove them, freeing up space.

    THE BEST FREE SOFTWARE FOR WINDOWS 7 : DISK SPACE ANALYZERDISK SPACE ANALYZER : This tool allows an HD content tree view with plenty of information for all files.
      THE BEST FREE SOFTWARE FOR WINDOWS 7 : SMART UNINSTALLERSMART UNINSTALLER : Removal must be done correctly, otherwise any files may remain in the system unnecessarily. Windows application ("Application Setup") does not allow a complete uninstall an application. Smart Uninstaller, as well as correctly and completely uninstall a program, also solves any problems after an uninstall.
        THE BEST FREE SOFTWARE FOR WINDOWS 7 : SERVICE MANAGERSERVICE MANAGER : its task is to understand if all processes in the system are working well, are configured to the best and if they are needed. This leads to a performance improvement of CPU and system resources.
          THE BEST FREE SOFTWARE FOR WINDOWS 7 : STARTUP MANAGERSTARTUP MANAGER : you may have guessed from the name of this application that itallows you to edit, delete, reconfigure, in the best ways, start programs.
            THE BEST FREE SOFTWARE FOR WINDOWS 7 : HISTORY CLEANERHISTORY CLEANER : empty browser's cache from the contents of temporary files due to the opening of several pages on the Web, is an important task that History Cleaner performs very well.
              CONCLUSION : TUNEUP SUITE is a good product suitable for your operating system : Windows 7. Although the trial version, I recommend you to use it and then decide to buy it, because in a few steps can run a full check up. In one package you have many useful applications in TUNEUP SUITE. Download it on the WINDSTY website at this address : TUNE UP SUITE.

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