We know nothing about picture above ? Obviously not, but slowly we move forward you will learn to see patterns like that and understand what we say about a person's character, for example. Before starting with the real study of a chart i describe the meaning of some words used in the astrological language, which,  how many times have you heard without understanding its meaning.

Here is a list of terms that we use throughout this book, remembering that if they forget the meaning you can find it here in this chapter. Describe them briefly here and later in more detail. We will not need another. With these terms we can effectively study and understand ourselves or others. Remember, this manual was created with the intent to understand first all of ourselves, to better live, to make the right decisions, make appropriate choices in love as in the work. You will see, going over the manual that astrology is a powerful way to describe our character. When we are born, born to a precise date and hour that make us unique in the world both physically and temperamentally.

BIRTH THEME : is the pattern that is made according to our date of birth where indicated planets, houses, aspects for a given person. Create a chart or map is not an easy task, but today there are lots of online sites that allow, by entering our data of birth, to print screen our birth chart.

SUN SIGN : is the sign under which we were born. For example, if we were born on February 4, the sign is Aquarius, where we were born on March 28 are the sign of Aries. But everyone knows his sun sign. It's simple right ? The solar signs are 12.


ASCENDANT : marks the beginning of the first house, we will see later, and gives us information on how is the person's character and how it is seen in the eyes of others. To calculate this you need to know the exact time of birth ( ascendant is the most fundamental than sun sign).

DESCENDANTS : is the opposite of the ascendant and speaks instead of way of bringing to others and to society. He speaks of corporate partnerships, sentimental, etc...

MIDHEAVEN (MC) : is the tenth house and is relevant to the profession and mother.

SKY FUND (CF) : marks the beginning of the fourth house and speaks to us of our family, how we are bound to the past and the customs and traditions.
SUN : the Sun is the first star (not a planet, a star) who shows us under which sun sign we are born and speaks to us of ourselves, our conscience and our instinct. Tells us to who and what we brought to our lives. What are our real objectives. The ways to achieve them will be identified by ascendant.

MOON : The Moon shows relationship with our mother and the kind of woman we want. Is in relation to the lunar phases of 28 days.

MERCURY : always linked to communication, this symbol in a chart shows us the way to communicate of a person, his education, his oratorical skills, his ability to deceive, to persuade, to write, to invent. MERCURY is the idea. It is also brothers and sisters.

VENUS : a symbol of love, classic every time, which speaks of our feelings, how we love and want to be loved, how we dress and our artistic abilities.

MARS : this planet in a chart, speaks about of  person aggression (ARES symbol of war) his way to drive, his way of reacting, his outbursts of passion in bed, his way of living sexuality and ability to take in hand a situation, make decisions, the desire and commitment to struggle in life.

JUPITER : here is a beautiful planet. Jupiter is the harmony, optimism, exuberance, character and economic expansion, luck in love, career and affections. Is also obesity.

SATURN : identify in one word ? It is this : TEST - steps of this planet always put us in front of tests, but may also be a good tonic, mold us, make us stronger. Saturn mans our father or grandfather, the seriousness of a person, depression periods of high stress but also periods of slow build of something in our lives.

: unpredictability, technologies, changes in temperament, mood swings, these are words that identify this planet.

NEPTUNE : here we are facing the planet that identifies the addiction, the ability to avoid confusion, our fears, like the one linked to fear of swimming (NEPTUNE symbol of the sea), our deepest abilities and artistic senses.

: the keywords of this planet are changing, transformation, evolution and involution. We can, through study in a chart of an individual, to determine whether the person evolves, becoming positively or not, whether the person may tend to have shots sudden anger that can lead to incredible upheaval in his life.
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