Today i reviews a very good online image editor : PIXLR. No registration, no installation but also you must upload pictures or images from hard disk, from FACEBOOK, from PICASA or FLICKR and begin to retouch them in a very fast way and in a few clicks. At PIXLR.COM you will can create also images if you are a good designer. But if you have photos to improve, then this image online editor for free is very simple to use. Many functions, many effects to apply and common functions that you know.

In this short PIXLR review i describe, with a list, its main features :
  1. Very simple GUI for novices and experts.
  2. You can realize personal images.
  3. You can upload images from hard disk drive or FACEBOOK.
  4. You can upload images from any other url.
  5. Multilanguage site.
  6. PIXLR online editor service works on MAC, LINUX, WINDOWS, systems.
  7. Many functions to apply on your images.
  8. Upload images and photos from FLICKR, PICASA, FACEBOOK.
  9. Very fast upload and execution of operations.
Its use is very simple. You must upload photos or images from your HDD or from any other url or from FACEBOOK, PICASA, FLICKR. Then you can begin to apply effects, delete imperfections on the picture, crop it, remove "red eyes" effect and so many other operations in a very fast way. PIXLR is the best and most powerful image editor online for you. My short PIXLR review ends here and you can now only go to its web site to enjoy it and begin to create personal images.
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