Let's go right now in the study of keywords that identify the 12 zodiac signs. Mind you, what you see now is crucial to understand how a person is or how we are. You should store carefully for each of the 12 signs some keywords. It will not be easy but just remember that this is not an examination and in case you forget something, can return to this chapter.

Here are strengths and weakness of the 12 zodiac signs :

We start by describing the salient features of each sun sign. You will see a lot of fun and believe me, people will be surprised to know how you describe them.


Symbol : ARIES

Strengths : tenacity, strong, irrepressible sexual urges, faithfulness, gentleness.

Weakness : restlessness, head shots, stubbornness, inability to think objectively, rash decisions, neglect light in body care.


Symbol : TAURUS

Strengths : love for cooking and food, faith, love of family, strong desire to have children, love of nature, strong sexual transport, care of your body.

Weakness : greed, stubbornness, a tendency to exaggeration.


Symbol : GEMINI

Strengths : communicative, sense of friendship, helpfulness, optimism, sense of duty and dynamism.

Weakness : little passion, superficiality, neglect, disorder, not much body care, ingenuity, character doubling.


Symbol : CANCER

Strengths : gentleness, sensitivity, sense of motherhood, love of nature, conscientious, strong attachment to work.

Weakness : header, lunatic, jealousy, desire to speak ill of others, too need love, difficult to live alone.
Symbol : LION

Strengths : strong character, desire to excel, sense of duty, leading to capacity, independence, dynamism, strong sexual passion.

Weakness : excesses, excessive use of his power, desire to rule over all, stubborn, reckless use of their forces, lack of cooperation.


Symbol : VIRGO

Strengths : method, precision, cleanliness, order, love of family, sense of duty, fair assessment of his assets, ability to save.

Weakness : fussiness, stinginess, reluctance to spend, little passion sexual behavior posted on the events of others, excessive desire to keep order in their lives, slight neglect of their bodies, lack of trust in others.


Symbol : LIBRA

Strengths : sense of duty, in assessing fairness, balance between mind and body, body care, refined aesthetic sense, precision and method, artistic sense.

Difetti : little ability to objectively evaluate the other, excessive valuation of their quality, aesthetic sense exaggerated.



Strengths : passion, instinct, mediums sixth sense, magnetism, sense of duty, methodical, strong taste and inclination toward the arts.

Weakness : unruly sexual drives, desire for revenge, stubbornness, inability to make right decisions in love, excessive care in dress and makeup.



Strengths : love to travel, love of nature, fidelity, energy, love for other cultures, greediness.

Weakness : desire to do too many things together, not much care of their bodies, tend to lead the way for home.



Strengths : work, ability to live in loneliness, loyalty, love for science and math, strong irony, humor, desire to get there, make a strong person with expectations, strong sexual passion.

Weakness : detachment from reality, coldness in love, stubbornness, slowness in learning, neglect in terms of aesthetics and healthy desire for revenge, stinginess, excessive tendency to save.



Strengths : innate desire for freedom, strong independence, humanity, sense of friendship, love of technology, strong imagination, collaboration.

Weakness : too much desire for freedom, superficiality in pursuing objectives, excessive desire to do everything alone, neglect of her body, infidelity.


Symbol : PISCES

Strengths : gentleness, love of family, love for the customs and traditions, trust and love for children, good nature.

Weakness : naivete, lack of loyalty to your partner, excessive trust in others, gluttony and prone to defects, lack of courage, lack of determination.

These are words that identify the 12 sun signs. But what is the use we make ? We can now say that an  aquarius person is a free spirit, a man of Cancer is a lunatic, that a scorpion is vindictive, or that a virgin is stingy ? Absolutely not. We would fall in the use that is made nowadays of astrology, which is based only on these words above to draw characteristics and predictions.

But you really know stingy virgin or nature lovers taurus ? If you think your knowledge you will find a variety of types virgin, a variety of taurus types, etc ... Instead, by studying the chart of a person, I remember came in a very precise moment, study the characteristics of the sun sign, the study of the characteristics of the ascendant and many other factors in his chart, we can make a mixture and let come out strengths and weaknesses of a person.

Comparison : can we judge a person by a political idea ? Certainly not, we will judge it and we'll make a description considering many other factors that characterize it (intelligence, studies, fairness, sense of duty, etc ...) and then we draw conclusions. So does astrology; studying all possible facets of a person's character and then come to understand, how it will behave, how to act at that particular time, if it is true or not, etc...

By studying the characteristics of the ascendant begin to understand what is the path I want to lead you to follow in this manual. Gradually you become so real experts in reading and interpreting the behavior of others.
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