WIDESTREAM 6 is a free program to download online is having great success because, as promised and specified in the guide is in many language, greatly accelerates the download of any type of files like videos, movies, music, documents, etc. ... Today i want to write a short review about it.

Are you tired of using usual P2P platforms or Emule to download files ? Do you want a free software that lets you download all the files you want in a better and faster way? When we perform the downloading of movies, videos and files from Web, we could have various problems such as :
  1. Problems with ADSL stop downloading.
  2. Network congestion that leads to a significant slowdown.
  3. Congestion on the server from which the selected file is downloaded.
  4. File size too big.
  5. Blocks and crash browsers.
  6. Blocks of the PC.
When we have a very large file to download as size, type a movie in AVI format, the problem of a disconnect becomes very serious, because it leads us to start the download again from the begin. That's because the best way to download movies, videos, etc... is to use special programs that allow us to automate the download without losing anything. Here are WIDESTREAM 6 basic features :
  1. Installation and operation easy.
  2. Optimized downloads and increased transfer rate.
  3. Search feature videos from the internet.
  4. Supports multiple HTTP and FTP connections.
  5. Full and free version.
  6. Help using very complete.
  7. Update for Windows 7.
I want to focus attention on some interesting features, one of which is the ability to search through a search bar located in the program, the videos and then download them from the entire network. But not only, the possibility to make multiple downloads via HTTP and FTP connections, allowing an overall increase in work speed. WIDESTREAM 6 software is currently the best method for downloading from the Web as quickly and effectively. We must learn to set up it and on the WIDESTREAM 6 official website, there a very detailed guide in english language.

To use WIDESTREAM 6, finally, you must install on your PC, platform for Windows applications. NET Framework 3.5 - DOWNLOAD HERE.

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