Do you want to make 3D images ? There seems impossible that a picture, a picture or even a video to be processed in three dimensions. This however can be done with software such as 3DCOMBINE. Today i wrote a short review about this software and i offer to you a tutorial video under this post. With this software you can change the parameters of a picture, image or video in 2D (ie 2 dimensions : height and width) so as to give them three-dimensional one aspect.

In Hollywood there are not more films in 3D as AVATAR, ALICE IN WONDERLAND, etc... and goggles to see the scenes in the third dimension are sell a lot. Before we can describe the simple characteristics of 3DCOMBINE that does not need to be prepared in computer graphics or to be a photographer, I remember that you need to download, for its proper use, the latest XVID codecs (below you will find the link).

Here's what 3DCOMBINE does :
  1. Allows the transformation of photos, pictures, video in 3D.
  2. Allows you to work on 3D files already in our possession.
  3. Save the file in several 3D formats.
  4. It allows batch conversions between different 3D formats.
Supported 3D formats are :
  1. Anaglyph
  2. Parallel
  3. Interlaced
  4. Above/Below
  5. DLP 3D
  6. 8/9 Tile
The visualization methods supported are :
  1. nVidia Stereo
  2. OpenGL Quadbuffered
  3. Anaglyph
  4. Cross Eyed
  5. eDimensional
  6. Eye3D
  7. Interlaced
  8. Sync Doubled
  9. Zalman 3D Monitor
It's easier to use that describe it. One thing is certain, as desired by changing parameters and inserting the filters available, slowly you will realize the ease of use and its effects.

I leave you with a video tutorial that shows how works 3DCOMBINE :
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