If you're both professional musicians and novices and want to practice about solfege exercises, that the reading of music written on a staff, then rather than looking for online music theory exercises, rhythmic exercises, that may not make sense for the study that want to do, download and install a fantastic program, freeware software to make music theory. The program I am presenting today is given to all free of charge as the GNU free license.

But if you think that this program to know music theory is too simple you, wrong because, besides being in several languages, in addition always be updated, the latest release of SOLFEGE is 3.18.1, it is very comprehensive and suitable for both the musician to the novice and professional players, soloist or orchestra teacher. SOLFEGE is a really good freeware software for music education. Used for reading the musical notation, for intervals, for rhythm and for the study of scales and chords, it will allow you to improve your quality of music.
The solfege exercises in music theory, unlike those on line that you can find here and there, particularly those for rhythmic music theory, can also be written directly from you on the staff or even from your music teacher, and made especially for your level of study. Here's what to do with SOLFEGE free software, music theory program for free :

* Recognise melodic and harmonic intervals.
* Compare the size range.
* Sing the intervals.
* Identify the chords.
* Sing chords.
* Scales.
* Dictation music.
* Remembering rhythmic patterns.

The exercises that you can play with SOLFEGE are many and very well built for rapid learning and effective, not only of the melodic and rhythmic musical theory but also of the chords, scales, etc...

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