After talking about CINEFX and CINEPLAY today is the turn of CINECODE. First, let's say CINECODE is free and open source, distributed under the GPL license. What can I do with this free version of CINECODE ? Simply convert any video format available in Flash Video format. All off-line and with a disarming simplicity. CINECODE free is in fact a very powerful video encoding which really make any kind of video in Flash format. With a drag 'n drop function is easy to maintain our conversions are necessary if we want to reduce the size of a video perhaps to send it on portals like YOUTUBE.

I list some features CINECODE in free version for download :
  1. Simple user interface and video drag 'n drop function.
  2. Encoder and player in one tool.
  3. Supports video files like MPEG, WMV, WMP, AVC1, H.263, H.264 FLV1 Flash/Sorenson, FLV4.
  4. Support FFMPEG.
  5. It works on all operating systems like Windows, Linux, MAC OS X.
  6. Ability to convert videos even entering the URL of origin.
Any video can be converted into a Flash video easily with CINECODE that allows you to specify the url of the video source to transform. A multimedia player and a video converter in a single download freeware product that reads many types of formats (above I have listed a few). Surely  CINECODE FREE is to try if we want to convert video easily and effectively in Flash format.

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