What is CINEPLAY ? After seeing what is CINEFX, today we talk about one of the most powerful media players to watch videos off-line with unlimited number of video codecs. CINEPLAY version is free and its simple to download. Unlike other media players, it has practically all the necessary codecs for compressing and decompressing all video formats including flash video formats. Actually CINEPLAY is freeware but it is an open source software, distributed under GPL license and anyone with expertise in the area, decide to participate in his project by visiting this page.

But now i list some salient features of CINEPLAY FREE :
  1. User interface user-friendly with drag 'n' drop function.
  2. Open source technology developed by OpenLibraries.
  3. Supports many video file formats, including Divx.
  4. Platform for Windows, Apple Mac, Linux.
  5. Supports all Flash video formats.
  6. FFMPEG support included.
  7. Support for videos made with mobile phone, digital camera, video camcorder.
  8. Supports many codecs : WMV-a,-2 WMV, WMV-3, V7-WMP, WMP-V8, V9-WMP, WMA-V2-WMA V9 AVC1, H.263, H.264, XviD ISO MPEG- 4, MPEG-1, MPEG-2, DIV3, DX50, DVPP, DV5P, DV-DVC, FLV1 Flash/Sorenson, FLV4.
CINEPLAY is easy to use. Thanks to drag 'n' drop function, simply drag the video file in the work  area and we can start to view it. No worries about video formats are not supported, no worries about video codecs supported. Virtually CINEPLAY free download, reads everything. Still steadily improving, promises to be truly better and more powerful of the famous VLC MEDIA PLAYER.

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