Today i write a short review about a simple free drawing program for children. Your child doesn't like to draw on paper but on the computer ? And this is why we are in the era of technology. And then let's do it draw to the PC with a freeware, just released under the GPL license : TUX PAINT. An open source software design for children. A free drawing program, a program for children really very innovative in its simplicity of use and especially with a menu so intuitive and fun to attract the attention. TUX PAINT, free to download, with the possibility to download the 2010 latest version, including MAC and portable version. This program for children to design is in fantasy style to attract the their curiosity.
With TUX PAINT our kids can make freehand drawings around which to apply decorative effects like rainbows, seals, magical effects to bring something truly unique and fun. This design software for children also presents a gallery of pictures, drawings ready to be edited, altered. Unfortunately, the only handicap is that TUX PAINT does not allow saving to JPG or BMP files, but only to save the jobs, the drawings created, in a virtual album that creates the software itself.

However, as you see on the image, this free drawing program for children is in many languages, runs on Windows 7, then another advantage to ensure that kids have fun and really using it without any problem and an impressive facility on modern computers. To try to amuse the children in the design but also to help develop quality graphics that could have possibly already inside.

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