How many hours do you spend on FACEBOOK on your home computer or at the office ? How many times, while work on your PC, surfing sites also potentially dangerous ? How can I block certain sites, some sites that can damage your PC, install malicious software or rather how to block access to secure sites but which we want our children do not connect ? Today we see a nice little program that allows us to block access to internet sites that we want : LEECHBLOCK.

What can we do with this program that, in fact, is an extension for FIREFOX ? We can :
  1. Block access to 6 websites.
  2. Allow access to a site for a certain period of time.
  3. Allow access only to certain pages within a site.
The configurable options are really something new because, for example, if you discover that your child attends a forum that has a section dedicated to adults, then through LEECHBLOCK can only block access to this section, indicating the http address in the settings extension for FIREFOX. Certainly we must surf with  FIREFOX to use LEECHBLOCK but must say that this browser is really one of the most used in the world.
And I do not mean that we stop the navigation of our children, we also need to block access to adult sites that maybe we note that our husband attended too. I hope I have answered and given a useful answer to those who asked, "how can I block access to certain sites" and if you are not satisfied with this extension, add-on for Firefox, then do not give up because I talked about in this article at least 4 or 5 other freeware programs, to protect our children while browsing or otherwise to prevent access to dangerous sites :

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